Daily Dose, New beginnings, Spill Your Heart Out

Fxxk It

Fuck the 9-5

Goin all in..

with my art.

The idea of having someone control my every day work life made me miserable as shit! There was more energy going into the person I worked for rather than myself, family & Art.


the money was great, Fuckin $1000 Bi-weekly, that shit was jackpot for me. Useful for it’s investments but also wasn’t really much because BILLS right…

I moved to Colorado 2 years ago. WOW. 2 years of being mentally, spiritually and emotionally unhappy. INTERNALLY but externally used my daughter, life partner & nature for happiness in hopes it would make my nerves soften at least a tad.

Sometimes I did not want to create art even if I felt inspired because I was drained from working. Fuck that shit, can’t do it anymore. Not going to lie, I do have to be realistic because…cost of living, food & whatever the fuck. So a part time on the weekends is something I plan to do.




I worked at a liquor store for like a day last weekend and the anxiety & amount of times I had to hold myself back from punching a drunk perv  had me like



not for me anymore.

So hopefully MCA in denver will love me so much they will hire me part time on the weekends

yah because projecting shit into existence is REAL.


k I’m rambling..

Here’s a selfie of me smoking earths magical leaves in my workspace



22×18 inch Canvas Painting

Acrylic neon paints


$450 for original canvas painting


click here to purchase


Available upon request

$30 for 8×11 print

$15 for 4×6 print




also available on Etsy



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