Painting, Spill Your Heart Out

They want to be heard & seen

These paintings were created from faces I remember from my dream. Sometimes they just stand there, looking, smiling, frowing, laughing screaming, crying, pulling out their hair; they even pose hurrying for me to take a photo and won’t stop until I blink a few times. Their faces are never that visible mostly a blur so I draw them as much as I can.

I don’t know what their purpose is for coming to me but I paint them anyway. I draw eyes & mouths on their faces because most of the time they look distorted & I feel like they want to be seen & heard in ways I can’t even imagine. They communicate but I can’t hear them maybe it’s because I haven’t reach my ultimate state of connectivity yet .

One day they will be more audible & visible so I can draw them with more depth. Until now this is what it will be.

24 x 18 in dimensions

Oil paint & neon acrylic paint on canvas

High gloss varnish

Click to purchase

16 x 20 in dimensions

Oil paint & acrylic paint

High gloss varnish

Click here to purchase

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