Painting, Spill Your Heart Out

A Rock with Personality

This was was stumbled upon during my journey around my neighborhood as I was talking to myself & not paying attention to where I was walking.

I tripped over it , looked down and said ” oh hello rock, I’m krow” lol interestingly enough it ACTUALLY HAD A FACE & it SPOKE!

” Don’t you know how to watch where you’re going, walking around not paying attention to where you’re working. I thought you were being more aware of your surroundings, to the trees, the birds, the people but not US ROCKS huh? ”

” crap ” I thought to myself.

” He’s right ” I mumbled


I laughed

” You wanderers always think it’s funny, LOOK AT THAT GUY OVER THERE”

I looked over my shoulder towards the water drains & saw a rock that was partially mud with half it’s face coming off.. it looked at me & whispered ” look away” while choking on water flowing pass it.

” Fuck, what happened”

“Nothing, he’s just too lazy to move & he was the perfect example of WHAT YOU COULD HAVE DONE TO ME”

” Hey, look stop worrying about what could have happened & think about what didn’t. You’re here & your face didn’t end up like his. No offense other rock. You should encourage him to move instead of making him feel bad about himself some people need a little encouragement. Yah I kicked you but we’re still here. Plus you’re a rock & you’re most likely gonna get kicked around again. What you can do is not take yourself for granted, you’re tough as fuck man. OWN THAT SHIIIIT” I said

He blinked at me a few times, exhaled & said ” eh, you’re right. It just ain’t east being a rock sometimes ya know ” while nudging me on the ankle ” Get outta here so I can help this idiot it’s gonna get messy ”

Okay I said as I started to walk away.

I stopped & turned back around

” Tell ya what, I’m gonna paint you ”

” Oh yah make me pretty then & a little weird lookin ” as he bat his eyelashes up & down like one of those cartoons I used to watch growing up.

I laughed out loud while saying to myself ” Gotta make sure I watch where I’m going more often”

9 x 11 painting of this rock with personality

Acrylic on canvas inserted into a frame

Click to purchase

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