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Resist The Brainwash

For many years I used to be subject to mind control through television and their controlled programming. The ” testing ” in between commercials that projected a noise that would linger in my sensory motors & dreams.

While sleeping I would sometimes be dreaming of me watching a screen within a screen & become sucked into it & trapped.

Shit was scary.

We are all sensitive to the sounds, images, & colors that emanate from such devices.

There was a time where television was used solely to promote wars & promote commercials bashing people of color. It was never created to promote positivity & empowerment.

It’s been 6 years since I’ve banned myself from watching television especially due to these dumb ass television shows I used to watch like bad girls club & 16 and pregnant. This show definitely fucked up the minds of women & children to think they should party all day, beat each other up or to think it’s okay to be 16 and pregnant because HEY you get a show right?


This is why this design was created.


Comment on your thoughts about controlled programming & how it’s affecting the minds of not just ourselves but our youth today!

2 thoughts on “Resist The Brainwash”

  1. This is a dope concept. I love your art so much. Very Basquiat vibes but with your own flair and I’m obsessed. I want to cut off social media for a while and see what it does for me. I’ve heard it cleanses your reality.


    1. Thank you so much for replying I appreciate your words deeply!! Definitely the baby steps tho! I realize cutting it off without intentions made me want to use it even more! I only use my cell phone on certain days and at a certain time. This also helped me stay more connected to my family. It helps you focus on what is outside of that tiny ass cell phone screen lol


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