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Too high for these voices in my head

If you’re a person who gets high off of your own art & is an active thinker at all times who goes deeper & deeper into their own thoughts but sometimes feel restricted due to your own thoughts then this painting is relatable to you.

While painting this I was literally having a conversation with myself which was positive & funny & these voices popped up in my head conversing with themselves or me?.. like always. Talking about capitalism, food, negativity, racism, progress, my family, shit to keep me off track, shit to keep me on track, possibilities, what’s achievable what isn’t.

I know these are derived from my own subconscious but these voices are never my own which is weird but hey I welcome them. I truly feel like they’re meant to teach me something.

Sometimes I channel entities from realms I’m not even apart of. Going deep into your subconscious can be scary if you aren’t actively thinking about what these voices mean or why they’re coming to you.


Being defeated by my own mind isn’t an option for me & I refuse to succumb to waves that are sent out to keep us from reaching our true potential.

Too high off of my own art(self) to listen to the negativity derived from society & self .

It will drive you crazy.

18 x 20 Canvas Painting

Made with Acrylic & Oil Paints

Click to purchase

What are your thoughts on this?

Can you relate?

Comment with your thoughts

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