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Cell phones the silent killer

Cell phones, the silent killer. ————————————————

Took these last year if I’m not mistaken. This was at union station in Denver Co and I literally was like WTF when I saw almost everyone on their cellphones. It sucks because these devices have become our everyday accessory that augments your reality & being in totality. People literally have dropped their children because their cellphones were in the other hand & I guess that shit was more important. I understand they’re useful and more convenient but I honestly miss getting calls on my house phone, or even mailing letters to my loved ones. I used to leave creepy recordings for the answering machine & my mom would get pissed off. I used to sit in my closet with my pink Lisa frank phone & talk to my friends haha it was so much fucking fun. Can’t lie those intercepting calls used to be a bitch tho but I made a few friends through it. Take time away from your phone tho ppl & fuck this new 5G cell towers.


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