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ART : Always. Remember. Trueself

A constant Mantra.


Who you are and what your purpose is in this life



Open your eye filled with intuition, imagination and creation.

Always remember true self

before it’s forgotten

– – –

Always Remember True Self




– – –

I can’t express the importance of knowing self. Externally yah but mainly internally. Too many years we go off not listening to our intuition, our universal voice. We forget what imagination is & second guess our creations.

Being able to express ourselves through mediums is a form of ART. Expressing your thoughts, your pain, your fears, your passions, pain the LIST is endless.

We are multidimensional beings so infinite and powerful but can be easily limited & powerless due to the structure of the societies we may live in.

This shirt is to remind you who you are and that is ART so be whatever you want to be and stand out with an open HEART.

– – –


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