a ripple affect, Food For Thought, Spill Your Heart Out

( Random Thought )

There are times when we break apart and become two different versions of self.

I realize words play a very strong part in how an individual is mentally structured and contributes to a anima duality where you start to split yourself into numerous pieces with out even realizing.

(example) Someone calls you an idiot sometimes a person will actually question whether or not they are actually in fact an idiot.

(example) A child is being called negative things so the child could become negatively chaotic emotionally and/or physically.

(example ) someone says something to you that brings you down

words that bring us down will have more of an impact on how we interact with ourselves since emotions have been tied to those words. ( we become what we think) this becomes worse if we pass a long that trauma onto someone else by making them feel bad in response to someone else made us feel previously.

There are little words within big words. Meaning these small little words can create such a huge impact on a persons psyche.

Those little words can be  easily missed and turned into something different with the proper guidance. Guidance of self but most of all guidance from others especially since we are organisms that are meant to interact, connect, and evolve together.

We have to choose our words wisely.

Especially when they are directed towards self.

once we are able to navigate the words we use we can form bigger words with a more positive meaning.

The connection being that myself can latch on to words and body language that affect me in that moment. If you do not say anything then it remains dormant because nothing has been resolved. If someone says something verbally or you FEEL that the words do not settle easily then express that feeling directed towards you from the other person. Never keep your mouth shut and bottle those feelings up. Words bounce around our minds every day just as much as we are feeling even when we do not know we are feeling.


There are still voices, phrases, WORDS that replay in my head to this day that have found a home somehow because I never expressed these things. It does not matter how much you heal, cleanse or move on. It still find it’s way back. When it comes back you will be waiting; you’ll be waiting to kick that shit in the ass and say ” not today mutha fucka “.

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