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Fcuk Art Norms

The art world today in my opinion is so corrupt. Artists are living in the norms of some people who don’t even care about the art as much as we who create it.

Everything is money based and most art markets are being handled by the rich and have been for years. It all seems like a game or a play thing to them. Most HIGH-END galleries, museums and art organizations are really there to increase profit or value of paintings for private gain not for the artist or the message that’s being put out there for the community and/or world.

Which is why I feel most paintings by dead artists are way more pricier now than it was when they were alive. Some paintings weren’t even being purchased until AFTER they died so what does that mean?? The value of art is much greater after the artist dies?? If so, why is that?

These days it seems a NORM for art is re creating art of those who have died; such as Basquiat and Keith Haring. I see the styles of these two dead artists in A LOT of living artists work. Which makes me think that some current artists are only creating art for the money and/or because it’s become the “thing to do” aka the hype.

I understand people may feel inspired by these dead artists but The NORMS now are copy someone else’s work, get famous. It may not be something people even realize they’re doing it’s just..normal..the fight for notice, the fight for exposure.

In my opinion this is also affecting the black community because some are competing with non black owned businesses especially in gentrified communities.

It’s hard to get your art in galleries these days if you’re not a well known artist especially when there are art trends that are looked for specifically.

Here’s a reflection *woosh*

I’m living in NY. doing photography.. I wanted my photos in galleries so I went to this black owned gallery knowing I wanted to be support my community especially those of color. I spoke with a man there and told him what I did and showed him what I had in hand. He speaks. ” yeah, I like it. Do you have anything else.” I tell him yes ” do you have anything that is more popular like something you see in restaurants or in other galleries”. I look at him which seems for 10 seconds. So he wants me to copy someone else I think to myself. I’m angry and I immediately walk out while saying fuck this shit.

*Back to the present*

This has stuck with me ever since and I will never forget it.

I went to a few museums and galleries where I currently live as an experiment to see what people would say and the first thing I’m always asked is “ do you have followers “ or “ Are you popular “ mind you I wasn’t asked my name, or anything about myself for that matter. Didn’t even ask to see my work. Another asked me if I could draw or paint pictures of celebrities. Mind you I don’t give a fuck about celebrities so that was an immediate turn off.

It’s fucking stupid.

What about the free form artists who just wanna show you the weird and mind blowing shit that pops up in their heads? What about the voice of the people? What about the ART? Is our expression then a void to these people?

So my immediate reaction is FUCK EM

Because your expression should never be void!

Fuck high end galleries and their norms..


to me it seems like ART isn’t really important but the MONEY and EXPOSURE they will gain from your art is.

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are some organizations who will literally support your work and help you get your art out there!


Conclusion being if you wanna show your work then show it don’t depend on anyone else.

Getting your work in these organizations does not make your work valid!


Create some DIY gallery shows and much more!

Reach out to up and coming artist and collaborate with them!

Stop giving your money to people that follow these art norms and project them on to you as an artist.

Create your own norms for your art and invest in yourself!

Never sell yourself to get raped by this corrupt industry.


your favorite sinacrazed artist

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