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Observational experiences.

One thing I’ve learned recently is that people who want to be stuck in their ways will consider you to be on a high horse or pedestal when you are bettering yourself. For you. You then become on an even higher pedestal apparently when you try to help them better themsevles.

You’ll be labeled as a judger and even a villain ( not even Loki status when he sacrificed himself for Thor in infinity war!) because people aren’t receptive to someone telling them about themsevles. This action DOMNINATELY being played in the black community to my knowledge and experiences. They feel an urgency to survive on their own without the help from others.


What happened to the time when everyone on the block looked out for one another?

What happened when ya whole block looked out for ya kids? It was okay if you told the parent about themsevles and their fuck ups so THE NEXT GENERATION CAN SURVIVE BETTER THAN THEY WERE.

I’m so sick of it!

This is why people who want to help can’t make an impact because it’s gotten to the “ every man for themsevles “ type shit.

Or they just allow people to be stuck in their habits and ways that aren’t good for them because once again “ every man for themsevles”.

To the people trying to help their friends, families or community don’t blame yourself and don’t stop what you’re doing. Your advice and insight will motivate and empower someone else.

Most of the time it begins with someone outside of your circle.

The worse you can do is hold in all of the information you’ve attained that can help others and keep it all for yourself! This is what most people do with an ego.

We are all meant to help one another in order to sustain earth.

We can either be just as the white blood cells (people) attacking the red blood cells (people)

Or just like when the red blood cells (people) and white blood cells(people) work together with the platelets (people) in order to heal the body (earth)

Which one are you?

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